1 to 6 Bags Per Week $30.17 Month

The majority of our customers choose this option. This is for your average small family household.

  • Pickup Once Per Week
  • 1 to 6 Bags Per Week
  • Perfect For Small Families
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J and M Trash -B- Gone is your 100% full-service trash removal company.  We serve all the local surrounding areas and throughout the Tri-State Area along the Georgia-Tennessee state line. We are happy to take out and properly dispose of all your junk. We have yet to come across something that we won’t take. You name it, we will remove it!

You can feel good about entrusting your trash to J and M Trash -B- Gone because our trash removal service isn’t just about getting rid of the junk. We get rid of it responsibly. When we take your junk, we bring it to our warehouse and sort it for recyclables. J and M Trash -B- Gone is proud to donate or recycle a variety of junk.